Sunlit isn’t for all of your photos. Just the best ones.
It’s for the photos that tell a story.

In Sunlit you create stories that combine photos, location check-ins, and text. For trips, events, or any memories.

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Publish photos to your own blog — hosted by or compatible blogs such as WordPress — and discover beautiful photos from other users.

  • Import photos from your photo library or directly from Flickr, Dropbox, and Instagram.
  • Apply dozens of built-in filters and effects to your photos.
  • Sunlit automatically groups imported photos by date.
  • Add a title to your stories to publish as a full blog post.
  • Drag and drop photos to change the order or move photos into new groups.
  • Import locations with maps from your Swarm check-in history.
  • Publish to, WordPress, or compatible blogs that support the MetaWeblog or Micropub APIs.
  • Browse photos from other users and follow them in